• IntelliTemp - Suitable for all fabrics: No burns guaranteed.
  • 1.5 bar pressure - Power of a Steam Generator in an Iron.
  • 2 Steam Settings - Choose from Eco or Turbo Steam settings.
  • Aero Glide Technology - Delivers powerful steam evenly through 485 steam holes.
  • Auto Shut Off - For extra peace of mind.
  • Imported from UK.
This isn't just your typical iron - it has a built in pump, just like a steam generator, meaning you can harness the technology of a steam generator but in the convenience of an iron. The pump produces a powerful constant flow of steam whenever you need it. It has been specifically designed to work in synergy with the Aero glide soleplate, allowing the steam to be evenly distributed, creating a cushioning effect for effortless ironing and a fantastic finish. Unlike a regular iron, The IntelliTemp technology has one single optimum temperature which is suitable for ironing all fabrics and garment types. This means there is no hassle switching between settings, and waiting for the iron to heat up and cool down, thereby saving you time on your ironing. Because the optimum temperature has been carefully set to suit all fabrics, you can iron your clothes confidently without the worry of damage or producing a shiny finish. Saturn steam with IntelliTemp will allow a much easier, faster and hassle-free ironing experience. Note: Users has not waited for the iron to reach the optimum temperature and has pressed the steam trigger this could cause the iron to leak water.

Morphy Richards 305003 Steam Iron with Intellitemp No Burns Guaranteed, 2400 W, 350 milliliters, Blue

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