• ICE CREAM ART AT HOME - roll any flavor ice cream into showstopping swirls and ice-cool curls.
  • DELICIOUS DESSERTS - get creative, adding tasty flavors and ingredients to up your dessert game.
  • SIMPLE SET-UP - our portable kit comes with everything you need - making ice cream effortless!.
  • PERFECT FOR PARTIES - ideal as a birthday gift or as a showstopping party centrepiece.
  • EASY TO USE - simply add one cup of cream mixed with half a cup of condensed milk to your chosen extras.
  • Imported from USA.
Roll your way to delicious desserts with Gate 35's Rolled Ice Cream Maker! This kit contains everything you need to roll any flavor ice cream into showstopping swirls and ice-cool curls. Let things get creative by adding any extra ingredients you like - flavors, fruits, sweets, biscuits, jellies - serve up some spectacular swirls. Our ice cream grill is super easy to use, perfect for kids' parties, dinner parties, birthday parties - practically any kind of party! Up your dessert game with Gate 35. Contains: 2 scrapers, 1 straw spoon, 6 cutters, 1 ice cream grill You will need: a freezer, tongs, condensed milk, cream, any tasty extra ingredients you like! Follow these simple steps to make your swirls: Step one - To do in advance! Pop the ice cream grill and the bowls you’re using for your desserts in the freezer for at least 24 hours to ensure they’re good and cold. Step two - Make your delicious rolled ice cream base by combining the cream and condensed milk in a bowl. Then prepare any additional delicious ingredients (get creative!) Step three - Get your ice cream grill from the freezer, place the extra ingredients in the middle of the grill then pour a little of the ice cream base on top Step four - Grab the two scrapers and get grinding! Chop all the ingredients up as much as possible, ensuring the scrapers are in contact with each other Step five - Using the scrapers once again, spread the ice cream mixture in a thin and even rectangle across the grill. Spread it as thinly as possible for a better freeze Step six - Once it’s completely frozen, grab a spatula and, at a 90 degree angle, push it forwards rolling the mixture into your first ice cream roll Step seven - Pick up your rolls using tongs and pop them in the bowls you chilled earlier. Then it’s topping time! Add anything you like… the world is your ice cream Step eight - Enjoy!

Ice Cream Roll Maker - Make Amazing Ice Cream Desserts at Home in an Instant - Food Grade DIY Rolled Ice Cream, Frozen Yogurt Grill

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