• The bottom magnet is designed to be attached to the machine..
  • This is NC type(normally closed); Repeat positioning accuracy:0.001mm; Effective Surface Diameter: 25mm.
  • This tool set is environmentally friendly and recyclable. It is lightweight and easy to install..
  • It is suitable for the tool setting of CNC machine tool machining center. It has the advantages of dustproof, waterproof and anti-corrosion, and has a long service life..
  • It will not be biased due to the temperature of the tool position and the fluctuation of the power supply voltage. It can be directly input to the NC program..
  • Imported from USA.
Package include: 1 x CNC Router Z Axis High Tool Setting Specification: Output mode: NC(normally closed) Pre trip: Almost 0 Stroke: 5mm Repeat positioning accuracy: 0.001mm(operation speed:50-200mm/min) Life: 3000000 times. Contact force: 1.5N Outer shell: Grinding 4S. Protection: IP67 Cutter head: Diameter 20mm, hard carbide Shock rating: 20mA(MAX) DC24V recommended value(10mA)resistive load Cable: 1.5M 2-cell tensile strength 30N Minimum bending radius R7 Protection Tube: 1.3M (Minimum bending radius R25) Exceed the specifications: NC(Normally closed),distance signal about 5mm Shock rating: DC24V 20mA(MAX) 10mA(Resistive load). Precautions for use: The contact cannot exceed the stroke(stroke is 5mm) of the tool setting tool, otherwise the tool will easily damage the tool setting tool. Do not release it immediately when touching the tool face by hand to avoid damaging the internal structure of the tool setting tool and affecting the service life and efficiency. After the tool is finished, the knife must be lifted vertically to leave the contact surface. Do not move it laterally. This should be easy to damage the tool.

Mach3 Automatic Tool Sensor Gauge Z Axis Probe Tool Touch Sensor Setting for CNC Router Engraving​ Machine