• Stretchable fabric can be machine washed. NOTE: Remove from headphones after each use to avoid dye transfer..
  • Using the product can effectively prevent sweat, dust by magnetic suction unit, effectively prolong the life of the headset unit, greatly improved the earphone's durability..
  • Fit most midsize on-ear and over-ear headphones, like Beats Studio3 Wireless, Studio 2, Studio Pro, B0SE QC35 II, S0NY XB950B1, XB950N1, WH-CH700N, MDR7506 Headphones..
  • Product Dimensions: Diameter 3.14 - 4.33 inches (8-11cm).
  • Package Contents: Earphone Covers X 2 pairs.
  • Imported from UK.
Earpad Covers Compatible with: - Beats Studio, Studio 3.0, Studio 2.0, Pro, Executive Earpad Covers - B0SE QC 35, QC35 (Series I), QC35(Series II), QC 25, QC 15, SoundLink, SoundLink around-ear headphones II Earpad Covers - B0SE SoundTrue, SoundTrue around-ear headphones II, AE, AE2, AE2i, AE2w Earpad Covers - S0NY WH-1000XM3, WH1000XM3/B, 1000XM3 Earpad Covers - S0NY h.ear on, WH-1000XM2, WH-1000XM2/B, MDR1000X, MDR1000X/B, MDR100ABN, MDR100ABN, MDR100AAP Earpad Covers - S0NY XB950B1, XB950N1, WH-CH700N, MDRXB950BT, MDRXB950BT/B, MDRXB950BT/L, MDRXB950BT/R Earpad Covers - S0NY MDRXB650BT, MDRXB650BT/B, MDRXB650BT/L, MDRXB650BT/R, XB650 Earpad Covers - S0NY MDR-1A, MDR-1AM2, MDR1R, MDR1RBT, MDR1RNC, MDR10R, MDR10RBT, MDR10RNC Earpad Covers - S0NY MDR7506, MDR7520, MDRZX770BT, MDRXB950AP, MDRMA900, MDR-CD900ST, MDRV6 Earpad Covers - S0NY XB550AP, XB550, DRBTN200, MDRV55, MDRZX750BN, MDR-ZX780DC, MDR-ZX770BN, MDR-1ADAC, MDR-XB500, MDR-XB800, MDR-XB920 Earpad Covers - ATH-SR50BT, ATH-SR30BT Earpad Covers - ATH-MSR7, ATH-MSR7b, ATH-MSR7GM, ATH-MSR7NC, ATH-MSR7BK Earpad Covers - Senheiser Urbanite XL, Momentum, Momentum 2.0 Earpad Covers - Senheiser PXC 550, PXC 450, PX 360, HD 700, HD 650, HD 600, HD 598, HD 558, HD 518, HD 429, HD 428, HD 380, HD 280 Earpad Covers And many other headphones width mid-large size Ear Cushion, Ear Cups, Ear Cover, Earpads Parts Note: -Headband only, Headphone is not included. (Colors shown in pictures may slightly differ from actual product due to lighting and color settings.) This product is sold exclusively by GeekriaDirect. Only buy from GeekriaDirect store to get genuine Geekria(TM) products with superb customer service.

Geekria Flex Fabric Earphone Covers/Stretchable and Washable Sanitary Earcup Protectors. Fits 3.14"-4.33" On-Ear, Over-Ear Headset Ear Cushions/Good for Gym, Training (Black-Red 2Pairs)

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