• Only mod kits for nerf reliator, blaster not included..
  • Package include pump kit, spring, scope and magazine etc, 100% brand new with high quality. And this product need some installation skill..
  • The connect part of shoulder stock and side patch are made from ABS material, straight line pipe is made from PC, the material of front decorative cap is aluminum alloy; all other parts are made from PLA..
  • Most part of the kit is made of environmental PLA material, should be protected from heating, direct sunlight area or other high temperature environments to avoid deformation because of PLA material's low melting point. Really useful in a outdoor nerf wargame..
  • The product is suitable for the crowd over 14 years old. Perfect Christmas and birthday gift for kids. Please contact us if you have any question..
  • Imported from USA.
JGCworker is a professional toy blaster manufacture. We’ve been producing toys for 14 years, and design many good blaster like Prophecy, Swordfish and Dominator. If you want know more about it, you could google ‘JGCWorker’. We believe that the combination of wisdom and sensibility would make a perfect product, we would keep doing this to improve our brand. And we are grateful for those who always support us. This product is mod kits for nerf retaliator blaster and change your blaster structure, cooler faster and funnier. The detail shows in the picture. It’s a pretty good experience that you could install your own blaster and you can also think of it as a handmade collection. If you are a nerf fans, it is a perfect product for your toys.

JGCWORKER Mod Kit for Nerf Retaliator, Modification Included Pump Kits, Springs, Darts Magazine for Nerf Retaliator (FCZ-W011)