• Lipase powder- Sharp 'piccante' flavor. 1 oz bag..
  • Imported from USA.
Sharp Lipase Powder is used to add flavor to many styles of Italian cheese (such as Romano, Provolone, and Parmesan). Each 1 oz bag contains salt, nonfat milk, and kid lipase. All you need is one ounce for up to 66 gallons of milk (depending on your taste). Lipase is a naturally occurring enzyme in raw milk. Adding lipase to milk during the cheesemaking process breaks down the fat content of the milk and creates fatty acids. For storage keep dry and frozen. For more cheesemaking supplies, check out our cheese starter cultures and cheesemaking equipment. Lipase powder- Sharp 'piccante' flavor. 1 oz bag. Contains salt, nonfat milk and kid lipase. One ounce does approx 66 gallons of milk. Best in Romano and Provolone cheeses. Keep frozen to preserve strength. Keep dry.

Lipase Powder- Sharp (1oz Bag)