• You can easily use it with water (with conditioner/creme).
  • Untangling your hair without ruining them.
  • It doesn’t electrify your hair (wood is key).
  • It’s hand made in Italy fully respecting the environment.
  • It’s FSC & VEGANOK certified, hypoallergenic, and antistatic.
  • Imported from USA.
Big comb with wide and thick teeth, 7.87" long, 1.77" wide (cm 20 x 4.5). Made in ash wood FSC 100% certified, finished and smoothened by hand, treated with linseed oil and carnauba vegetable wax. The comb is made of two section of wood with opposite veining in order to use the comb also with wet hair without damaging the comb's structure. It is ideal for all hair types. Perfect for the application of hair masks, balms and all the hair beauty tratements. It is the comb for the whole family. Antistatic - Handmade in Italy.

Tek big hair comb in ash wood with wide and thick teeth - Handmade in Italy