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  • DELIVERS ACCURATE AUDIO - The entry-level Final Audio E1000 Earphones employs a 6.4mm dynamic driver to reproduce precise low ends and warm mids..
  • YIELDS GREAT SOUND ISOLATION - The interchangeable silicone ear tips make it easy to swap which earbud sits perfectly well into your ears..
  • TRANSFERS EFFICIENT AUDIO SIGNAL - Final Audio uses heavier-duty but more flexible oxygen-free copper (OFC) cable with the E1000, ensuring audio signals aren't muddled by EMI noise..
  • WORKS WITH VIRTUALLY ANY MUSIC PLAYERS - The low 16 Ohm impedance of E1000 makes it easier to drive in higher audio levels. It's compatible with phones and MP3 players with weak amplification..
  • ENSURES LONG LASTING DURABILITY - The E1000's shell is made from lightweight Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS). The thermoplastic polymer is also well-known for its sturdiness..
  • Imported from USA.
Final Audio E1000 In-Ear Monitor Dynamic Headphones The Final Audio E1000 is an excellent pair of entry-level IEMs designed for music lovers who enjoy high audio quality without burning their pockets. The in-ear monitors reproduce accurate lows and mids without thanks to its precise 6.4mm dynamic driver. Final Audio employs the same swing fit mechanism so you can adjust the ear tips at the most optimum position. For smoother fit, the E1000 earphones come with five pairs of interchangeable ear tips. The different sizes of soft silicone earbuds provide a better fit and a higher level of sound isolation. After gathering feedback from the E-series, Final Audio improved the cabling on the E1000. Now, E1000 uses a more flexible OFC (oxygen-free copper) cable to transmit better audio signal from a phone to the earbuds. The low impedance of these earphones makes it also easier to pair with any portable music player. A smartphone or MP3 player with weak amplification can effortlessly drive the E1000. TECHNICAL SPECS: * Ear Coupling: In-Ear * Driver Type: 6.4mm Dynamic * Impedance: 16 Ohm * Sensitivity: 102 dB/mW * Cable: 1.2m Black OFC (Oxygen-Free Copper) Cable * Accessories: 5 Pairs of Silicone Ear Tips * Housing: ABS * Weight: 15g

Final Audio E1000 Isolating In-Ear Headphones Earphones with Dynamic drivers