• PRECISION PAINTING - Get it perfect every time with 15 assorted professional quality micro paint brushes in a variety of sizes for even the most intricate projects. Each fine tip will allow exact precision and detailing work. Includes 5 liner, 5 rounded, 3 flat, and 2 spot paintbrushes ranging in size from 0000 to 1 for the finest point.
  • VARIETY OF USES - Achieve the most tiny, thin line in the making of scale model kits, water color, oil paint, acrylic paint, paint-by-numbers for kids or adult, face painting, figurine models, Citadel, Warhammer 40K, painted doll houses and miniatures, rock painting, nail art, craft or anywhere your creativity takes you from beginner to artisan.
  • EASY GRIP - Ergonomic handles allow for more comfortable, well-balanced grip and easy handling to ensure longer creative sessions without fatigue. Triangular shape means paintbrush won't roll off the table.
  • DURABLE AND PORTABLE - Individually crafted by hand to ensure premium quality synthetic hair detailer brushes which retain tip shape after washing, without bristle shedding or splitting. Sets come with a velour travel bag, as well as a protective tube holder for easy carry on-the-go.
  • FULLY GUARANTEED - We're so confident in our product, we stand behind it with a 100% manufacturer satisfaction guarantee. If you are not completely happy, return the kit within 30 days for a full refund or replacement.
  • Imported from USA.
Finally, achieve the absolute finest detail with Color Starter mini paint brushes. These high quality professional-level brushes will allow you to work within the smallest spaces to get the most intricate lines for you creative project. Choose the perfect size from the 15 different mini brush head options with 5 liner, 5 rounded, 3 flat, and 2 spot. Use for a wide range of applications, including: watercolor, acrylic, oil painting, gouache, adult paint by number, scale models, citadel, warhammer 40K, painted doll houses, figurines, miniatures, nail art Work with best quality for hobby projects such as: rock painting, face painting, paint by numbers, coloring books, school projects, and back-to-school supplies Paint as long as you like with our comfortable-to-grip ergonomic triangular handle, which will reduce hand fatigue with prolonged use. Well-balanced handle for ultimate control. Brushes are extremely durable, as they are hand crafted with care. Each brush is constructed with a light-weight wooden handle with 7-layers of UV coated paint for easy cleaning and no flaking, brass ferrule, and soft synthetic bristles that won't split or shed. Shipped brushes are individually wrapped and capped to reach you in top condition. Kit includes: 5 liner brushes, sized at 4/0, 3/0, 2/0, 0 and 1 5 rounded brushes, sized at 4/0, 3/0, 2/0, 0 and 1 3 flat brushes, sized at 2/0, 0 and 1 2 spot brushes, sized at 0 and 1 Protective velvet dust bag Reusable cardboard tube for easy transport Take your projects to the next level, and treat yourself to a set today. Rest assured with this risk-free purchase, and if not 100% satisfied, return for a full refund or replacement. Add to cart now!

Color Starter Miniature Paint Brushes Detail Set-15 pc Fine Detail Paint Brush Kit with Ergonomic Handle for Scale Modeling, Watercolor, Acrylic, Paint by Number, Oil, Craft, Hobby, and Rock Painting