• ✔️ PERFECT SHOE STORAGE - Protect your favourite shoes from dust and moisture as well as from being crushed by storing them in these stackable plastic boxes. This transparent set is great for identifying shoes without opening the front folding door..
  • ✔️ NEAT & TIDY - Keep all of your shoes, trainers & boots in one place using these plastic, clear boxes. Featuring an easy 'drop down' front door for ease of access when choosing your trainer for that day!.
  • ✔️ STACKABLE - These 3 plastic boxes stack upon each other maximising valuable wardrobe or floor space, whilst also making sure your favourite or most valuable pairs of shoes remain box fresh!.
  • ✔️ SIZE - 54.3cm x 28cm x 36cm.
  • ✔️ 2 YEAR GUARANTEE - The Pukkr Set of 3 Plastic Shoe Boxes come with a 2-year manufacturer's guarantee..
  • Imported from UK.
Scattered shoes around your hallway, bedroom, or even your kitchen can be a nightmare and real potential hazard whilst walking in your house, not to mention if the dog gets his paws on them! Whether you're a sneaker freak with a vast collection of valuable trainers, or just looking for some smart storage, the Pukkr Set of 3 Stackable Plastic Shoe Boxes are a must-have. Designed with strong transparent plastic, perfect for quick identification, not only do these containers keep your space tidier, but also offer protection against dust and moisture. Featuring a drop front opening, for easy access, these are the ideal piece for keeping your home tidy and your favourite trainers, box fresh. SNEAKER FREAK? The high end of fashion trainers can leave you spending a pretty penny on the freshest kicks to add to your collection, so you don't want to be leaving them suspect to the elements. These storage boxes prevent your most valuable, treasured crepes from becoming victim to dust and moisture, whilst also providing a nifty display cabinet, ALL SIZES The Pukkr Shoe Boxes are perfect for both male and females shoes right up to an adult size 11, so there's no need to be working about the toes popping out the end. (Internal dimensions 28cm x 36cm) STACKABLE We've all got those pairs of shoes that get put in the bottom of our wardrobe just getting in the way. Thanks to the amazing, fully customisable, stackability of these storage boxes, you set them up in a way the suits whatever your space, whilst also retaining an ability to be collapsed fully when not in use. Specification: Size: 54.3cm x 28cm x 36cm Material: Plastic In the box: x 3 Plastic Shoe Boxes Colour: Clear 2 Year Guarantee. All product images 2019 Pukkr (Xbite Ltd)

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